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How to make clouds indoors: The art of Berndnaut Smilde

Of course, recreating a cloud and all the physical elements that go along with it is an act that requires meticulous planning entailing carefully controlling the temperature and humidity levels of the room, constantly moistening the air inside it and adjusting the lighting to create a dramatic and realistic effect. When the room conditions are ideal, a fog machine unleashes a dense mist that appears heavy and damp, just like a real life raincloud. Floating proudly in the middle of the oddest of spaces, they last for only a few brief moments before dissipating into thin air.

In fact, very few people have actually seen Berndnaut Smilde's work in person. As short-lived as a summer storm, his whimsical clouds live only to exist in photographic form. Somewhere in-between reality and representation, the beauty of a fleeting haze is captured on a print that becomes the only medium to prove that they ever in fact existed. Building on awe and disbelief, it is this highly ephemeral nature of theirs that makes them so special, as if they were another urban myth that one has yet to witness but still fervently believes.

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john oliver is really not fucking around 

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Located in deep in the Guilin mountains, shrouded in mist and frequented by dragons that live in the multitude of winding rivers, the students of the Chinese Institute of Magic don their colourful wizarding garbs every September 1st for their return to school whereupon they are treated to spectacular opening festivities involving, but not limited to: choreographed martial arts performances from their combat professors, an assortment of acrobatic wonders, and “Mystery Mooncakes” specially made for the mid-autumn festival.
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A man just walked past me and said “excuse me, but you look very nice tonight darlin” I said thank you and he said you’re welcome and walked off. And that is how you compliment a woman without harassing them

No, that is still unsolicited, and thus, harassment. No amount of “darlins” is gonna make me not want to punch your ass for coming on to me without provocation.






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Is the wooden sound you or the desk?

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Details of the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture Collection (x)

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Pleeeaase start using this website, https://www.ecosia.org, it’s basically a search engine that plants trees every time you use it, how beautiful is that? It’s pretty much the same as google only like a million times more ethical- 80% of their income goes toward tree planting programs in Brazil. It’s totally free and there’s an app available for IOS too, so you really don’t have an excuse… Now go and help the environment my darlings!

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Liz Climo on Tumblr.

this really cheered me up

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"I thought you might have a… a rule against soldiers."
"No. Not at all! … Not me."
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lavernecoxBehind the scenes of the October cover shoot for@essencemag with @nikkibeharie. Isn’t she lovely?

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